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Salam & Konnichiwa!

Akira is my virtual japanese nickname but my real name is Aqilah.. my Nihongo sensei used to call me that name in our Nihongo class.. i kinda like it and thought the nickname sounds cool, so it has been my virtual name ever since she called me that! kudos to her :)
I used to be addicted to Japanese and Korean drama series during my undergrads (still watch them now but not as often as before..hee) . I always have this dream that that one day i'll be able to set my feet in Japan (and Korea) to visit every places that i've listed in my want-to-go-list.. insyaAllah :)

I am 28 in age and already married to someone who really loves me for who i am
i could never ask for more and i am thankful to Allah for everything

Alhamdulillah, i've completed my PhD in Royal Holloway, University of London, UK and already back in Malaysia to pursue my teaching career in one of Malaysia local universities    

i love cute stuff and enjoy beautiful sceneries.. i also loves travelling and gardening

well, that is all about me in a short brief
thank you for reading!

London, June 2013

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