Fussen (Germany) and Innsbruck (Austria)

| Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From Germany, we heading towards Germany-Austria's border and stay there for a day..
We went to Fussen where there was a castle named Neuchwanstein Castle  which located on top of the hill surrounded by mountains and lakes
This beautiful castle was built by King Ludwig in order to compete with his father's castle that situated further down the hill from his
To go uphill, there were 4 options; by bus or classic horse wheel or gondola (of course you have to pay for it), or by walking
mama & ayah were too tired to go up, so only me and hubby took a bus to go to the castle.. ingatkan sampai betul2 depan castle, rupanya kene jalan turun naik bukit dalam 200m gitu untuk sampai
well..it was all worth it when you saw the castle..especially from the bridge overlooking the castle.. magnificent!
after awhile, we went down and snap some pictures with mama & ayah by the lake and also at the surrounding area

The next day, we went into Austria and stopped at a city called Innsbruck. Apa yang menarik dekat Innsbruck ni? Well, there was a building in the middle of the crowd city where its balcony was built with gold (Golden Balcony).. the tourist guide did tell me about the history but dah lupe dah..hehe.. another tourist attractions in Innsbruck was Swarovski crystals. This the original place where these crystals were made of and their price was wayy cheaper than the UK stores.. mama qila apelagi, memborongla untuk diri sendiri.. she also bought me Swarovski ring as my advance-birthday present for this year.. tq mama!!!

After a few hours walking around the city, we were taken to the sky jump ramp which was built for the winter olympic which once was held in Innsbruck.. penatnye kene daki bukit lagi

well.. that's all about Fussen and Innsbruck for now.. later on, i'll write more about my journey -- to ITALY!...where the real interesting and adventurous journey started to arise!! haha..

ciao for now!

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