hana's (flowers) everywhere!

| Thursday, April 28, 2011

our first destination was at Keukenhof, Holland
since last year lagi nak sangat datang kat sini berguling2 dengan bunga2an esp tulip
Alhamdulillah tahun ni dikurniakan rezeki pulak dapat datang ke sini on the 3rd day of their openings

for those who not aware of this place, let me explain a little bit about it
Keukenhof is the largest flower garden situated in the Netherlands near to Amsterdam
According to the official website for the Keukenhof Park, approximately 7,000,000 (seven million) flower bulbs are planted annually in the park and most of them are tulips!
also known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof attracts visitors all over the world and promises beautiful landscape of flowers everywhere in the garden
however this place is only open for public in spring and for this year's event, they will open from 24th March until 20th May 2011
masih sempat lagi for those yang dah duduk dekat europe kalau nak melawat Keukenhof ni.. hurry2!

sesungguhnya sungguh cantik ciptaan Tuhan yang Maha Esa.. Subhanallah!

enjoy the pictures!!

Lala~chan @ Kuekenhof, Netherlands!

berpelukan di taman bunga, auw!!

cik abg layan amaryllis kejap.. you can also buy flower bulbs esp tulips and amaryllis here with an affordable price.. it's a bargain!!

keladi kesukaan mama...kalau dekat dah lama i poskan.. :)

landing kejap..

rambang mata tak u ols?! huhu...

2 voice outs!:

{ H A N S } at: April 29, 2011 at 1:29 AM said...

huuuu..jeles sgt! bunga dia besar2 nyerrrr...mesti ader beli seeds bw balik umah tanam kt garden ni kan??? hehehe..

{ A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n } at: April 30, 2011 at 9:10 AM said...

kan? kan? qila tak beli pun seeds haritu..tapi die boleh booking online and deliver kat kite..


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