my B-day!

| Friday, July 1, 2011
i officially turned 26 last Wednesday! Alhamdulillah, my praise to the Almighty for His blessings,rezki and also for everything He has given to me and my family
i was totally overwhelmed with lotsa greetings and doa's from friends and relatives on my Facebook profile hours before midnight (on the 28th) and it continues on my birthday itself and the day after! i felt really spoilt! my mobile keep beeping throughout the day as all my FB notifications were linked to my email!  not just that, mama, my sisters and even my friend kat Egham pun ade called.. for those who are currently reading this post and were part of them who wished me previously, thank you so much guys! may Allah grant you His blessings

just a quick story to what has happened on Akira~chan's B-day!

ehem..ehem.. it all begun when i was ready to go to bed half an hour before 12.. i love to watch japanese drama before i sleep and there i was lying on the comfy bed watching Teppan Shoujo Akane  for.. i dunno.. thousand times, i guess? ;p
i didn't realised that it was already midnight until my hubby kissed and wished me a 'Happy Birthday'
"mama dah 26 tahun dah..", and i replied him  "thank you, papa"
i continued watching the drama again and didn't realised (again!) my hubby went off the room and came back with a bouquet of flower, a birthday card and a big white box!!!!

~ ~ ~ ~

to capture the moment, i sempat grabbed my tudung and asked mr hubby to snap a picture of me with those surprises!
everything was baby-blue and pink colour themed! i loike!!

the next morning, i took another picture of the cupcakes..suke! suke!

26 cute cuppies represented 26 years old me.. :))

we went to London to celebrate my birthday.. the real plan was to board on London Eye and later having lunch at my choice of Malaysian restaurant.. 
we ended up at Westfield, had lunch at Yo! Sushi, coffee break at Starbucks, shopping for GAP and M&S
and to my surprise, hubby bought me a special birthday present!! - a Mulberry Daria Hobo.. 
love it and love him!!!

tunjuk paper bag aje aci kan?? ...heee

all in all, i was the happiest birthday girl on that day!
well, honestly, i haven't completed my 25 things to do list..(booo!).. but i will make another one for my next birthday anniversary..this time, hopefully there will be plenty of time to complete everything!

1. lose some weight -- 2 kg at least..
2. travel up North! :) --Scotty 
3. buy something nice with the salary i own from invigilating bought 2 skirts from M&S and 2 shoes
4. get new day and night mascara by Rimmel :) 
5. birthday gift for my sister
6. siapkan result & discussion parts for manuscript
7. report for 2nd year progress meeting dah buat draft
8. habiskan satu english novel
9. puasa sunat bulan rejab
10. visit any historic buildings in london
11. burn at least 200 calories a day walked 3.7km for that!
12. siapkan poster for France conference have to show to my sv for approval
13. register myself for France conference
14. get Wii Fit/XBOX.. i need this as my birthday present.. can papa? :) compromise dengan Mulberry :))
15. habiskan baca satu buku islamiah
16. get anything with mushroom picture on it!
17. masak nasi kerabu.. huhu
18. remember at least 20 common species of mushroom that i have in my database
19. make a vlog  ( i decide not to make a vlog but to make videos for my 2 blogs ;)
20. make a giveaway for my blog readers
21. beli solar light for my garden (hubby kata takyah beli..pasang pelita ala2 melayu lagi cantik)
22. bake a cake/pastry/cupcakes at home
23. try new style of tudung
24. try new recipe for pasta/spaghetti
25. learn and remember 10 Q&As of everyday life conversation in Arabic

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Anonymous at: July 2, 2011 at 10:29 AM said...

happy birthday qila!!!
semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. amiin...

fadhilah.(malas nk sign in)

{ A.k.i.r.a ~ c.h.a.n } at: July 2, 2011 at 8:16 PM said...

tq tq :)


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