am i ready to face HIM?

| Wednesday, November 21, 2012

there was a lady who i've known since high school
she was not even in my circle of friends nor having mutual relationship between the two of us
but whenever we passed over each other anywhere in school, we exchanged smiles 

its been years since high school and today...

i've found out that she is no longer here, in this world..
Allah loves her more than the rest of us
innalillahi wainnailaihi roji'un

i've heard that she suffered from cancer for years
may she rest in peace and may Allah grant her Jannah. Amin

i came across her blog and read some of her writings
can u imagine reading writings of someone who are no longer exist in this world?
Subhanallah, it makes my heart tremble
what if tomorrow never come to me? what if....?

i can imagine that once i am gone, people will pay tribute over my death by reciting Surah Yassin and Al-Fatihah.. (hopefully there will be people willing to pray for me, insyaAllah)
i am sure they will go over my social media profile, my tweets,  and read every rumblings in my blog.. the same thing i did in remembrance of Allahyarhamah earlier today
then after awhile, every memory will vanish, i'll be forgotten as people's life resume as usual
my name will be a history. 

afterwards, it will be just me and Him.
am i ready enough to meet The Creator? am i good enough to get His Jannah?

"i am weak, Ya Allah. Please guide me to the right path, Ya Rahman Ya Rahim"

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