Pamper Friday

| Friday, November 9, 2012

One of my must-do-things during my 'red' days is manicure

called hubby to let him know that i am going to this nail saloon for manicure and he asked what colour that i'm going to have this time, then i said pink. it has been awhile since i had pink varnish on my nails. but he insisted to choose another colour - green. and the reason was - i never tried green before. 

so, i went on with his choice and it turned out fab!
instead of manicure, i chose to do pedicure too and had the same colour on my toenails. double fab!

having pampered after busy week really put me at ease and somehow dispel negative vibes around my body 
 kalau kat malaysia dah lama i book spa package. i miss malaysia!

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