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| Friday, October 8, 2010

salam readers!
what a hectic and busy week here!
i went to my lab almost everyday to conduct my 2nd project of the year
since Autumn term started, my lab suddenly became crowded with people and I really don't know them at all!
ada pulak yang menyemak duduk dekat my bench while I came in yesterday.. siap cakap tu tempat die buat keje lagi.. like I care! that's my place, budak kecik!

well..later, my labmate told me that by this time of the year, the lab will be frequently used by both PhD and MSc students.. but from what I remember this didn't occur last year.. durh~

btw, sebagai Muslim, saya redha lah kalau budak2 tu nak guna my bench IF i am not around.. AND! do not touch my chemicals & stuff..that's it!

done with luahan perasaan, I am so excited to tell you that I am off to London tomorrow to attend a fungi workshop
nak tau concern tak concern nye orang2 putih ini tentang kepentingan fungus ini, siap arrange workshop dan fungal foray lagi for public..
bagi kite yang duduk dekat tropical country ni, memang ada batasannya nak buat camni kan.. but, I'll think of something ok?

nanti qila update apa yang qila buat kat sana k?
catch u later!
and have a good weekend everybody!

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