Ascot Fireworks for Charity

| Monday, November 1, 2010

Last Saturday was almost a busy day for both me and hubby (at 11.30am it started! :p)
we were invited by Kak Bib to have laksa and soto at her house at Ashford.. Kak Bib has thrown a party before and it seems that we were not able to attend due to some misunderstanding that we couldn't avoid at that point of time so that's why she insisted of having another day of makan-makan with us at her house
Alhamdulillah rezeki kami nampaknya haritu :)

well, the big story wasn't about that anyway~~
we had our first fireworks event coming that evening and I never taught that we all need to come earlier for that!
aiya..tak sempat nak buat snek kat rumah, jadi kami beli take-away food jela..(not to forget the latte as well! *wink*)

the fireworks was for charity (tapi tak ingat untuk charity ape) and it was held at Ascot Racecourse...tempat orang2 kaya lumba kuda.. besar macam stadium jugakla

we thought that there were no race for that day..tup2 datang diorang tengah display their horses for betting purposes. Nampaknya kene tengok lumba kuda dulula baru leh tengok fireworks.. but it was fine though, kalau tak dapat masuk Ascot Racecourse ni tak taula macam mana sebenarnya suasana betting dan lumba kuda tu, ye tak?
but don't worry we were just watching, no activities of betting or exchanging money was happened! :)

sejuk woo.. nasib baik ada latte panas..hekhek!

ready to snap the fireworks with my Samsung! :)


last but not least..sempat amik gambar untuk diri sendiri dan suami tercinta :))
don't puke.. ok!
this is the best thing about being married..you can hug or cuddle your hubby anywhere,anytime you want!

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