garden in spring

| Friday, April 8, 2011

lama sudah bersejukan, it is time for spring cleaning and enjoy our day out esp at the back garden
minggu ni adalah minggu berpanas di Egham dan baju2 yang dibasuh dah mula disidai kat luar :)
table and chairs were taken out from the shed and placed at the patio
not so sure how long the sunny weather will stay.. but we enjoy it so far

projek bercucuk tanam dah bermula!
layout garden tahun ni sudah bertukar dari tahun lepas
this time, vegetable plots stay at the back while flower plots will be at the front garden near to the patio.. 
reason: sajer-sajer... just to maximise the use of the garden :)

we have spring onion, garlic, mangetout, asparagus pea and spinach

also, we have planted several types of tomatoes, cucumber, pak choi, sweet pepper and courgette

some shrubs and flowers for summer

below: this is our first tulip blooming in the garden... the bulb was planted last winter before we went back to Malaysia.. ada lagi yang belum kembang..will show the rest to you later k? 

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{ H A N S } at: April 11, 2011 at 12:51 AM said...

hai dear!!! windo samer kamuuu...wat entry n upload pics manyak2 tau =) slamat ber-gardening :)


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