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| Monday, May 23, 2011

i am letting go of my Momiji collections together with its display case (sob! sob!)
nothing personal, but i have recently built up another hobby of collecting old collectibles so have to compromise which one should be let off..and the momijis lost in the vote! i wish i could keep all of them, but i can't.. and i hope these dolls will get a better home after this

they are in excellent condition, no chips or dirts whatsoever
the display case is rarely found in the online market so it would be a privilege for you to have it
each doll comes with its cases; either in boxes, tins or in their plastic packaging
all stickers and secret notes (where you can write on them!) are there, untouched and look like brand new
These can make the cutest gift for your friend or for your own collections!

Whoever interested please let me know
The price can be negotiated
p/s: am gonna advertise this to ebay as well.. so first come first serve basis

they are all in 12; Happy Happy Happy, Dancing Girl, Sonny, Happy, Giggles, Sister, Birthday Girl, Lucky, Best Friend, Sunnyshine and another one which i couldn't fine her name (the left side doll-with the fan)

ini adalah gambar hiasan semata-mata.. cute!

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