December has come to an end~

| Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Assalamualaikum and hi all!
my husband and i just got back from Malaysia last Sunday
a bit homesick when thinking about the families we left back in Malaysia.. being apart from them is the challenge that we have to face through for the sake of my study
that's alright.. insyaAllah another 1 year to go and i'll be back permanently :)
we are still adjusting our sleeping time here..still terikut2 waktu tidur kat Malaysia, pukul 4 petang dah mengantuk dah.. bangun pagi pulak around 4am in the morning...

it is colder here, but the snow hasn't arrived yet
kalau ikutkan last year, this time has already snowing
there were rumours that this year's Christmas will be White Christmas - where snow start to fall on the Christmas day itself, so we shall wait and see

on Monday, hubby and i went for groceries shopping at Tesco Egham
it was really cold and i told my hubby that my black coat isn't warm enough for me anymore
so, he said he'll buy a new winter jacket for me... 
later at the day, i got this

Per Una Faux Fur Detachable Hood Longline Jacket
from Marks & Spencer

Christmas is coming in a few days time
writing mood is currently really really low..hoho
will do at least a few pages before off to midlands for Boxing Day shopping next Monday.. ;p

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{ Hanis MY } at: December 24, 2011 at 2:40 PM said...

happy holidays! wahh lawanya jacket..

p/s: tq my dear... insyaAllah i'm sure ur time will come soon...aminn


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