The first Hallyu concert in London

| Sunday, September 9, 2012

i'm telling you, this is the first entry that i wrote about Korean stuff in my blog, and hopefully more to come in the future :)

yes K-pop fans, CNBlue is coming to Britain!
and i'll be one of the thousands ppl to crowd indigo2 this coming September 22nd!

to be truth, i never eyed any Korean boy bands before, but CNBlue really caught my attention for the past few months..you must be lucky lads! ;)

CNBlue band consists of: 
Jung Yong Hwa (lead vocalist, rhythm guitar)
Lee Jong Hyun (lead guitarist, vocal)
Lee Jung Shin (bass guitarist, vocal)
Kang Min Hyuk (drummer, vocal)

each member has their own charms and talents and the fact that their music is so close to my personal preference, they have been one of my favourites ever since i've found them out for the first time
macam angau je aku ni..

sungguh, dasyat penangan artis Korea ni..

pic from Google

one of my fav CNBlue tracks :)

lately, banyak dengar pasal Oppa Gangnam style kat Malaysia.. don't like him ;p

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