i was on the 7pm news

| Friday, September 7, 2012

i'm re-posting this post again as the link that i've attached in the earlier post has long gone! it has been 2 years since the event but somehow it was too fun to be kept for myself  :) hopefully the video will last until forever, so that my anak-cucu-cicit-piut dan seterusnya could watch their mom-grandma-great grandma-and the list goes on once was featured in the the UK news and looking great in her younger days.... buwek..;p

last 2 years, i went for a fungi workshop in London to learn more about fungal identification and never thought that TV people will be following us throughout our lessons to do news cover for evening news on that same day .. so, basically you can see me (and my camera..tehehe) here and there in the clip..

i've recorded them earlier (but it was too heavy to be uploaded in the YouTube, i gave up!) but tonight  i've found the slot in the catch-up Channel4 news website, i will just paste the link so that you guys can just watch it from here

at first, i thought only my husband and i will be the only Malaysians in town to watch news that night, but just when the news was aired that night, mr. hubby received a call from Abg Zamri (our friend) telling that i was on tv.. (sengih again!)..yes, at least there was a person watching me on action (instead of us).. well, i would like you, yes, my precious reader to watch it too.. so here it goes!

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