Winter hols with Family Part 2: Special Turkey

| Thursday, January 3, 2013

this year, my husband and I have decided to have turkey on the Xmas day.. of course, we were having the halal one. having families and friends from Malaysia coming over for a holiday make us so excited to prepare this meal, plus we never cooked turkey before, so this our only chance to cook turkey and have enough number of people to clear the plate..hehe

the 5.3 kg star of the day with the head chef..

for the recipe, i've used Gordon Ramsay's as it is easy to prepare and very straight-forward. no need to sunk the bird in a mixture of spices, syrup and brine for a couple of days before you can actually cook it like what they used to do in a classic turkey recipe
plus, it is so easy even an amateur like me can do it.. apatah lagi u ols yang terer masak tu kan?

rubbing the turkey

it's easy to find turkey roasting plate over here no matter how big your bird is which makes my life so much easier!

Mr. GR used bacon for his turkey recipe, i've had salami on mine instead.. :)  

overall, it took nearly 4hrs to have perfectly cooked turkey. perfect for dinner!

our guests, Abg Shamsul and family

later at the day....

looks yummy to you? 

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