Winter hols with Family Part 1: Winter Wonderland

| Wednesday, January 2, 2013

me elder sisters and nephew came over for a holiday and they've stayed for 2 weeks
we did so many outings + shopping + makan-makan and therefore all the stories will be partially written in different entries

as they are arriving few days ahead of Christmas, i've made a plan to go to Winter Wonderland, one of the popular christmas destinations to visit in London. I also bought tickets for Zippos Christmas Circus in-advance as the circus is really popular in Winter Wonderland and sold out fast in previous years. It turns out that my decision was right and everyone, especially my nephew really enjoy the circus.  

Based in Hyde Park, there are lots of entertainment in Winter Wonderland such as Ice Age 4 ice rink, Zippos Christmas Circus, giant wheel, selection of rides and games and also christmas markets that offer selection of hot & cold beverages, gifts, toys, winter wear, christmas decorations and many more.
Just see the upcoming photos below if you don't believe me ;p

Winter Wonderland only operates less than 2 months in a year (yes, only in winter season) and for this year, this event has began on the 23rd November and will ends on the 6th January 2013. So, anyone who hasn't been to WW, you have 3 days left to enjoy this winter festival. It's free to enter but prepare yourself a jolly good amount of money for tokens and tickets if you want to enjoy those rides and games. not to forget, the food too! :)

enjoy the photos!

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